Windy's Sukiyaki Reservation/Deposit policy for party of 15 - 24 (Please proceed only after you contact us and confirm the availability first)

We apologize for this inconvenience, but reservation "no-shows" are beginning to become very frequent, we now ask for a $100 deposit to reserve BOTH large tea rooms for 2 hours. These two large tea rooms can be reserved for a party of 15 or more up to 24. If the party becomes 14 or less and if we are not notified within 24 hours from the reservation time, this deposit will not be refundable. The deposit will not be refundable when a party did not show up at the time of reservation. 

If you agree, please hit the I AGREE button below, fill out the reservation request form with all your information and then make a payment. We will send you a confirmation.

If you choose to, you can put this towards your bill. Thank you for understanding.